ECU Dashboard Instrument Cluster Repair & Replacement

We are experts at repairing & replacing vehicle ECU dashboard instrument clusters.

We have over 20 years experience in the repair, remanufacturing and replacement of all electronic car-parts. We are proud of our reputation as the Midlands leading ECU dashboard cluster repair and remanufacturing company.

Why buy an expensive new main dealer dashboard cluster when you can repair or remanufacture?

Because it will save you a lot of money and will be better for the environment. We encourage everything that can give a car part a second life, where possible we will offer you a repair. If a repair is not economically feasible we will offer you a remanufactured part replacement.

What is an ECU dashboard cluster remanufactured part?

A remanufacture takes a previously used EVU unit and completely disassembles and reassembles it. All parts will be tested, the weak and perishable points will be serviced and, if necessary, replaced. This will produce a high quality, ‘good as new’ dashboard cluster at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer replacement.

We are convinced of our methods, that is why we will give 2 year warranty on our remanufactured parts.

Midlands Car Electronics provides a wide variety of electronic car parts services including –

  • Mileage Correction
  • ECU Replacement & Repair
  • Instrument Clusters Replacement & Repairs
  • Diagnostics and Fault Finding
  • Electronic Key Replacement & Reprogamming
  • ABS-Units Repairs (electronic)
  • TCU Replacemnt & Repairs

Give us a call on 07521 553535, email us at or use the contact form on this page, we’ll call you to arrange a suitable time and place to diagnose your vehicles faults.

*Newer vehicles on our roads these days feature several technological advancements that vehicles made a decade or more ago do not have, meaning on-board computer systems are becoming more and more commonplace.  On-board computer systems, also known as electronic control units (ECU), control various features within a vehicle. These can include the braking system, power steering, lighting, safety systems (airbags and ABS, for example). With such a range of important features controlled by a vehicle’s ECU, it is important to have a qualified mechanic perform a diagnostic check as soon as a problem arises.

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