Digital Diagnostics and Fault Finding

At Midlands Car Electronics, we carry out all of our engine diagnostic checks using the latest diagnostic equipment. All our equipment is fully mobile so we can perform our services at a time and location of your convenience.

Devised to be compatible with all modern makes and models of vehicle, our specialist software interrogates the vehicle’s on-board computer system*, detailing any faults it finds in the code. We can deal with 90% of all electronic faults there and then, for other mechanical faults we can supply you with a detailed analysis of your vehicles faults so that you can avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous garages. We can even suggest a suitable repair service for you.

Going ahead with a diagnostics check on your vehicle by our specialist mechanics can determine a lot of engine related problems and usually find the cause to a fault you may be having, or possibly a fault that you did not know about.

To arrange a diagnostic check, give us a call on 07521 553535, email us at or use the contact form on this page, we’ll call you to arrange a suitable time and place to diagnose your vehicles faults.

*Newer vehicles on our roads these days feature several technological advancements that vehicles made a decade or more ago do not have, meaning on-board computer systems are becoming more and more commonplace.  On-board computer systems, also known as electronic control units (ECU), control various features within a vehicle. These can include the braking system, power steering, lighting, safety systems (airbags and ABS, for example). With such a range of important features controlled by a vehicle’s ECU, it is important to have a qualified mechanic perform a diagnostic check as soon as a problem arises.

Engine misfiring, lights gone out, wipers won’t wipe, intermitent engine faults, heater blower stopped, electric cooling fans failed, electric windows not working or stuck, high beam won’t work, indicators not flashing, seats not heating etc. We provide an expert Diagnostic and Fault Finding service to work out what is wrong.
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