Car Key Replacement & Spare Keys

Replacement Car Key Cutting – From Code or Copy

Using our specialist laser tools we can now cut replacement car keys from either a security code or from a copy of the car key, meaning we can provide you with a spare or replacement car key.

We can also supply you with a new remote fob for your car at the same time if you need it and code and program this to your vehicle.

Need a Spare Key or Replacement?

We clone your existing keys with our state of the art mobile technology and cut new blades to provide you with a spare or replacement car key for your vehicle.  A spare key is massively helpful – not having one can increase the cost of replacing lost keys and cause considerable inconvenience for you if you do lose your keys.

At our garage we can supply you with spare or replacement car keys. We supply new transponders which means the key will work in the ignition of your vehicle as well as the locks.  We can also re-use your existing blade and provide new cases and remotes only, code them to your vehicle and de-synchronise any lost keys from the vehicle, meaning they will not start the car.

Car Key Programming and Replacement Remotes

All new vehicles have a transponder fitted into your key or remote control that shuts off your immobiliser and allows you to start your vehicle.  Unfortunately, sometimes the vehicle can lose the synchronisation with your key, requiring it to be reprogrammed, or the transponder fails and requires replacement.

Using our state of the art diagnostic equipment and key cloning technology, we can program your key back to the vehicle or provide a new transponder and program this to the car in order to get your remote working again and allow you to start the car.  The vast majority can be done in under an hour.

Car Key Services

Our car key services include;

  • Spare Car Keys
  • Lost Car Keys
  • Transponder Programming
  • Car Key Repairs
  • Car Key Reprogramming
  • Keys locked in Cars

Vans & Commercial Vehicle Key Services

Our van key services include;

  • Spare Van Keys
  • Lost Van Keys
  • Transponder Programming
  • Van Key Repairs
  • Van Key Reprogramming
  • Keys locked in Vans


Our motorcycle key services include;

  • Spare Motorcycle Keys
  • Lost Motorcycle Keys
  • Motorcycle ECU Programming
  • Motorcycle Key Repairs
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